Emily Luebke
Oshkosh North High School

I joined this community orchestra 4 years ago, and every year, I experience the
same great attitude from the conductors, the coaches the musicians, and the staff.
Since joining, I have become a stronger player, and because of my experience, I
am more confident with reading challenging and difficult music. I have also been
introduced to different composers, some that are rarely mentioned in a school
music class. Finally, I have been able to learn techniques from the conductors and
the music to help me grow as a musician.

Akiwele Burayidi
Oshkosh North

I loved being able to make music with other young people who are passionate
about the arts. The process of preparing for a concert and performing with
everyone on stage was a great experience that only increased my love of music
and the violin.

Emily Leverance
Oshkosh North

As a member of the Oshkosh Youth Symphony I have learned and grown as a
young musician significantly! Fall of 2017 will be my 3rd year, and I am so excited
to continue learning more about music! It's a great opportunity to not only grow
musically but grow as a person. You will meet many new people while sharing
music together. I love how people are so welcoming and warm hearted! The youth
symphony has given me a new perspective of playing my instrument!

Lisa Crawford
Cello & Percussion

I cannot recommend this program enough. As a parent, I can see the musical and
social growth my sons have made in such a short time. The conductors are
incredibly talented and gifted women who absolutely love what they do. I am
convinced they have musical notes running through their veins. They know how to
push these young musicians to reach their full potential. If you are looking for an
exciting musical challenge for your preteen or teen musician, this is the place to

Connor F
Oshkosh West High School

Performing with the Oshkosh Youth Symphony Inc is a fantastic learning experience playing in a large Orchestra with strings. The music is popular & always exciting. I have also made friends with kids from other schools.