In response to COVID-19, Oshkosh Youth Symphony is going to accept auditions continuously in the summer.  All band and orchestra students in middle and high school are invited.  Please see below for how to do a virtual audition with OYS Inc. this year.  If any questions, you can contact If you cannot submit a video online, please email us for special arrangement.

Auditions are for musicians that want to:
- Move from OYS-Philharmonia (OYSPhil) or OYS-WWE into the OYS Orchestra Symphony (OYSSO), and
- Anyone new to Oshkosh Youth Symphony, Inc.

How to submit a virtual audition for the 2020-2021 season:
1. Go to the webpage's "FORMS AND AUDITION INFO" tab.
2. Review and choose the group and instrument for which you will be auditioning.
3. Complete the Virtual Audition Application form.
4. Create videos of the musician completing each requirement, except the sight reading.
5. Email the application form and your audition video to

Virtual Audition: Please show the entire instrument in your audition video. For string players, you need to show your bow hold and left hand/instrument hand in the video submissions.

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